Could the 5:2 diet save you money?

26 March 2014

The 5:2 diet sensation is now helping savvy Brits save money, according to new research.

Six in 10 people have adopted the 5:2 diet approach – which sees those looking to lose weight cut back on calories two days a week, while eating normally for five – when managing their finances.

Half of consumers say the 'binge-purge' approach makes goals feel more achievable.

Chris Sanderson, chief executive of consumer trends consultancy The Future Laboratory, explained: "While George Osborne is using the 5:2 approach – also known as the polarity paradox – to reduce his waistline, six in 10 Brits are now using it to boost their finances. This has led to people using the 5:2 approach to improve their financial situation by saving money for five days to fuel a two day spending spree each week.
"For some people, this means spending as little as possible for five days a week (e.g. having a homemade lunch each day and avoiding Starbucks) and then splashing out on whatever they want for two days a week. For others, it means setting aside two days a week to sort out their finances, e.g. switching to a cheaper gas supplier, looking into new Isa accounts and sorting out their pension."

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