Uninsured drivers most likely to be found in London

24 March 2014

The streets of London are filled with more uninsured drivers than any other part of the UK.

Nearly a third of motorists (29%) admitted to driving without insurance in the capital, according to a new survey from MoneySupermarket.

The North East was next most lawless driver hotspot with 20% of motorists owning up to driving uninsured, followed by the West Midlands (19%), Scotland (16%) and the east of England (14%).

Overall, the survey paints a worrying picture, with 15% of motorists around the UK admitting they have got behind the wheel of a car they were not insured to drive, with 10% revealing they have driven their own car without any cover.

Of those who admitted the risky behaviour, 11% said they were unaware of the legal need for insurance, while more than a quarter (27%) blamed being between polices for the reason they had no cover.

A further 9% said they couldn't afford insurance but 8% said there was no point in having cover as they didn't think they would have a crash.

The research also revealed that youngsters were much more likely to take the risk more than any other age group.  More than a third (35%) of drivers aged 18 to 34 admitted they had driven a car they weren't insured on, compared to just 4% of those over 55.

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Car insurance expert at the online comparison site Kevin Pratt said uninsured drivers' actions proved costly for law-abiding motorists.

"Not only is it illegal but you could face six points on your licence and a fixed penalty fine of at least £300, but this cost could escalate should it end up in a lost court case and a conviction. To make matters worse, uninsured drivers cost the insurance industry £400 million each year, which law abiding motorists end up footing some of the bill for."

He added: "The rising cost of motoring makes shopping around for the best deal vital to ensure you aren't paying over the odds for your car insurance. The best prices are often offered to new customers so it's crucial drivers do their research and don't automatically accept a renewal quote without first checking there isn't a better alternative."

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