Santander and Halifax raise cash Isa rates

17 March 2014

Santander has raised the rate on its Direct Isa Saver 6 to 1.6%, putting it among the top easy-access cash Isas, available over the internet or telephone.

The very best internet deal comes from National Counties Building Society Online Cash Isa at a slightly higher 1.65%.

You can transfer your existing cash Isas into these accounts.

Nationwide's Easy Saver Isa, on sale through its branches and the internet, also pays 1.6%, but it does not accept transfers from other providers.

Halifax has also raised its rates for new savers, to 1.55% on its Isa Saver Online and 1.5% on its branch-based Isa Saver Variable. Both rates include a bonus for the first 12 months.

Other good deals include Nationwide's Isa Saver, with a rate of 1.5% with no bonus and transfers accepted.

On fixed rates, top deals for one year come from National Counties BS at 1.76% or Britannia, part of Co-op Bank, at 1.71% until April next year, while Halifax pays 2% for 18 months.

Nationwide, Halifax and Britannia pay 2.05% for two years, while with Coventry Building Society you can earn 2.75% fixed until November 2017.

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On taxable accounts the top easy-access deal comes from West Bromwich WebSaver at 1.35% (1.08% after tax), with no bonus and no withdrawal restrictions.

Britannia pays a higher 1.5% (1.2%), but restricts you to four withdrawals a year. The top branch-based account offers with no withdrawal restrictions come from Leeds BS, Newcastle BS and Virgin Money at 1.25% (1%).

On fixed-rate deals internet bank Firstsave pays 1.9% (1.52%) for one year. At Britannia the rate is 1.71% (1.37%), while Metro Bank pays 1.7% (1.36%).

FirstSave pays 2.35% (1.88%) for two years and 2.6% (2.08%) for three years.

This article was written for our sister website Money Observer

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