Asda and Tesco cut petrol prices

13 March 2014

Tesco and Asda have cut the price of petrol in what will be welcome news for motorists.

Tesco has reduced the cost of unleaded and diesel by 1p a litre, while Asda has cut the price of unleaded by 1p a litre and diesel by up to 2p a litre.

Asda has introduced a price cap of 132.7p a litre for diesel and 126.7p a litre for petrol.

Tesco is also offering customers the chance to save up to 20p on the price of a litre of fuel just by doing their regular shop.

After research by the supermarket found that 51% of customers find it hard to take advantage of fuel promotions that require a minimum spend in, it has introduced Clubcard Fuel Save.

Every time a Clubcard holder buys something in store or shops online, it counts towards a saving on fuel. A 2p fuel discount per litre is awarded for every £50 spent across a month, but customers don't have to spend £50 all at once.

The supermarket said if a customer spent a total of £323 over a month in store or online, they'd get a discount of 6 x 2p = 12p per litre.

The discount builds up over the month and can be redeemed by swiping the Clubcard when filling up the tank at any time until the end of the calendar month.

A new balance starts accruing at the beginning of each calendar month. The discount is capped at a maximum of 20p per litre per transaction.

Tesco trialed the scheme in Wales, where more than 70% of users said it'd make a big difference to their household budgets.

Successful trial

Chris Bush, UK Managing Director of Tesco, said: "Nearly three in four users who took part in the trial said the savings we're offering would make a big difference to their budgets. We're delighted to be rolling this out nationally."

The RAC's Pete Williams added: "This promotion breaks the mould of one-off supermarket fuel discounts, based on spending over a certain amount in store. When you consider the average family shopping bill is £323 a month, the 2p a litre discount for every £50 spent could mean some households regularly save 12p a litre on a fill-up."

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