Newborn pets more likely to rack up vet fees

11 March 2014

Kittens and puppies under six months old are 60% more likely to require treatment than fully grown animals.

Direct Line Pet Insurance revealed the amount of claims for pets six months or younger is the same as that of cats and dogs aged seven or older. Yet with many pet owners not bothering with pet insurance until their animals are over three, owners are leaving themselves open to potentially expensive vet bills.

It added that owners should also be aware that any pre-existing medical conditions their animal has, may result in their animal not being covered.

Ed Barclay, head of pet insurance said: "People can underestimate the cost of looking after their new pets and often leave it too late to get their animals insured.

"Younger animals' immune systems are still developing so they may be more prone to illnesses such as respiratory or gastric upsets. This is why it's important to check with the vet as to what preventative care is needed such as vaccinations, worm and flea control.

"It's important to remember that as animals age they may develop medical conditions, meaning that those conditions may no longer be eligible for insurance with a new provider, so we'd urge pet owners to make sure they do not leave it too late."

Owners should be aware of common conditions such as parasites, respiratory disorders and could leave their animals vulnerable to illnesses such as cat flu, feline leukaemia and hepatitis if they fail to get them vaccinated.

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