British Gas tariff saves £199 Hive fee

7 March 2014

Tech-savvy energy customers can have a smartphone-controlled heating system installed at no upfront cost with British Gas.

Customers signing up to the new Fix & Control August 2015 tariff can get the Hive Active Heating system without having to pay the usual £199 installation fee.

Around 50,000 households are already using Hive to control their heating and hot water while on the go from their smartphone and saving up to £150 by only heating their homes when they need to.

Dual-fuel customers signing up to the new 18-month British Gas tariff, which has an average bill size of £1,257 a year, will get a voucher that will give them 14 days to book free installation. If the tariff is cancelled within the 18-month term, a cancellation fee of £30 applies.

How the deal compares

 Tom Lyon, energy expert at, said: "This tariff allows consumers to fix for three months longer than British Gas' current longest fixed-term tariff. However, with an average bill size of £1,257 a year, the deal is £180 more expensive than British Gas' Fixed Price May 2015 tariff and £240 a year more than the cheapest fixed price plan on the market, Ovo's Cheaper Energy Fixed tariff.

"It seems that British Gas is spreading the normal £199 cost of the Hive system over the life of the plan. This may suit some customers but it is important to think carefully about your requirements and weigh up the pros and cons before signing up."

Hive can be installed in homes using any energy provider, not just British Gas.

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