Pancake Day: where to find the cheapest ingredients

4 March 2014

It's Shrove Tuesday today, also known as Pancake Day, when people around the world will be frying and flipping pancakes. While many of us will have all the ingredients we need to hand, others will have to nip out to the shops today to pick up everything they need.

So which supermarket is cheapest? If you bought all the ingredients for a basic pancake (without toppings) in one store, the cheapest supermarket would be Aldi, costing just £2.19 for plain flour (500g), six medium-sized eggs and a two-pint carton of whole milk. Ocado was second cheapest at £2.64 followed by Asda at £2.67.

Most expensive was Waitrose at £3, followed by Sainsbury's (£2.79), Tesco (£2.71), and Morrisons (£2.68).

We used to find out where you can save money on the basic individual ingredients, along with toppings including sugar, lemon juice and chocolate spread for those wishing to go to town.

Plain flour (500g)
Asda: 40p
Morrisons: 40p
Tesco: 44p
Aldi: 45p (1.5kg)
Ocado: 45p
Sainsbury's: 45p
Waitrose: 45p

Six Medium Free Range Eggs
Aldi: 95p
Ocado: £1.30
Asda: £1.38
Tesco: £1.38
Morrisons: £1.39
Sainsbury's: £1.45
Waitrose: £1.66

Whole milk (1.14ltr carton)
Aldi: 79p
Asda: 89p
Tesco: 89p
Morrisons: 89p
Ocado: 89p
Sainsbury's: 89p
Waitrose: 89p

Two whole lemons
Asda: 60p
Morrisons: 60p
Tesco: 60p
Aldi: 69p (pack of five)
Sainsbury's: 70p
Waitrose: 70p
Ocado: 75p

White sugar (500g)
Asda: 65p
Ocado: 65p
Sainsbury's: 65p
Waitrose: 65p
Morrisons: 78p
Aldi: 79p (1kg)
Tesco: 79p

Nutella (400g)
Asda: £1.50
Morrisons: £1.50
Ocado: £1.50
Tesco: £1.50
Aldi: £1.99
Sainsbury's: £2.25
Waitrose: £2.25

Ready-made pancake mix

If you're lazy and can't be bothered to buy individual ingredients, here's where you can find Betty Crocker's Traditional Pancake Mix the cheapest:

Asda: 75p
Sainsbury's: 99p
Waitrose: 99p
Ocado: 99p
Tesco: £1

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