NatWest customers able to make Post Office deposits

22 February 2014

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and NatWest customers will be able use their local Post Office to pay in cash and cheques from later this year, the banks' parent group has announced.

Royal Bank of Scotland Group said customers could already withdraw money and check their balance at any of the Post Office's 11,500 branches across the UK, but now the scheme has been upgraded to include deposits in a bid to make banking more convenient for its customers.

The Post Office currently handles 11.5 million transactions and £50 million cash withdrawals for NatWest and RBS personal and business customers a year.

Les Matheson, UK retail chief executive, said: "Our customers are changing the way they bank with us. They want to be able to do their everyday banking in a variety of different ways - where and when it is convenient for them.

"We're delighted to be able to extend our service with the Post Office to give our customers more choice in how they do their banking with us".

Nick Kennett, director of financial services at the Post Office added: "With over 11,500 branches and longer opening hours we are making it easier for customers to conduct banking transactions at the same time as other service in their local Post Office."

The new services will also be available to customers of Ulster Bank in Northern Ireland.


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Hi Linda, we've asked RBS and they gave the following response:

"Customers can deposit cash at any Post Office branch, smaller Post Office branches (known as ‘Locals’) can only take a maximum of £2,000 cash, prior to January 2017 our customers were not able to pay in at a Local Post Office, however they can now. Customers must have a standard bank issue paying in slip with them, they cannot currently deposit using their debit card."

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Can't pay in at our local post office. Or the one in Asda in Sutton. Is there a list of branches you can pay in at?

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