Britons intentionally trash their cash

14 February 2014

Every year, Brits are literally throwing away money, according to new research.

And almost a third of Brits have seen people intentionally throw money in the bin, the study conducted to launch the Nectar Savvy Family 2014 competition revealed.

Just 7.5% of people admit to binning their coppers, while younger adults are six times more likely to put their cash in the bin than those aged 45 or over.

One in five Brits say they don't have a clue as to what how much change they have in their purse or pockets.

Property TV expert Sarah Beeny, a judge of Nectar Savvy's recent money-saving competition, said: "I'm amazed by the research - throwing cash away is ridiculous and it's a basic savvy principle I instil into my boys. I guarantee it won't take long for all those little savings to stack up, so that you can reward yourself with something nice."

Last year, Julie Abell and her family of six were crowned the nation's most savvy and life-smart household by Nectar. The Abell household has come up with the following 10 money-saving tips that could save other families more than £2,250 a year.

1. Use up leftovers from a roast by making sandwiches for lunch the next day – saving £70 a year.
2. Buy magazines, which offer free toiletries – saving £34.
3. Make presents and cards for your family – saving £58.
4. For a free outing, check TV websites for audience tickets to shows - saving over £200.
5. Sign up to restaurant and pub mailing lists to receive offers and vouchers for meals and drinks – saving £852
6. Go to charity shops and car-boot sales to pick up cheap board games – saving £46.
7. Where possible, turn off appliances when you're not using them – saving £90.
8. Spread the cost of buying presents by looking out for bargains in the sales and storing them – saving £264.
9. Shop around for new insurance – saving £137.
10. Cut the cost of a trip to the hairdresser by just getting a cut, not a cut and blow-dry, and dye your hair at home - saving £500.

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