Valentine's Day rip-offs

11 February 2014

It's the most romantic day of the year but one that usually leaves a hole in your pocket.

With many of us preparing to wine and dine our loved ones this Friday, the cost of Valentine's Day essentials goes through the roof in the run-up to the big day not just for couples but for singletons too, according to research from dating website

The cost of a meal out is on average 35% more expensive on Valentine's Day, while the traditional bunch of a dozen red roses rises by a staggering 58%.

The 'Valentine's Added Tax' even stretches to chocolate, albeit with an increase of just 1%.

Kate Taylor, relationship expert at the dating site, said: "Valentine's Added Tax is yet another reason for daters to leave February 14th to couples. Singles have the whole of the rest of the year to go dating, so why pick the most expensive night to go out?"

"Valentine's Day and everything that goes along with it can put a lot of unwanted pressure on singles. Remember, there are 364 other, better days to date than Valentine's Day."

However, it is not all doom and gloom for romantics – according to the survey the cost of Champagne drops by an average of 14%, while perfume costs 2% less.

Green Flag 'proposal'

And in a rare example of the financial industry showing its romantic-side, insurer Green Flag is offering loved-up couples driving somewhere the chance to make sure everything goes to plan.

The company's proposal cover is a free nationwide service that promises to get those planning to propose to their partner on the big day to their destination without a hitch.

Green Flag has been called out to 9,226 breakdowns over the past three Valentine's Days, one every 26 seconds, meaning thousands of potential proposals have been ruined due to a breakdown.

Simon Henrick at Green Flag, said: "Customer insight has shown us that breakdowns on Valentine's Day are common and, with our research revealing nearly a million people are planning to propose this Valentine's Day, we want to help couples get to their destination, no matter what.
"Nothing should stand in the way of romance on the most romantic day of the year."

In addition to the proposal policy, Green Flag is also opertaing a 'Save the Date' service for existing customers on Friday. If your special night starts to unravel on the road, then fear not as its team of specialists will also be on hand to deliver roses and chocolates if their skills are needed if you're in London, Bristol or Birmingham – so make sure your gift is better to stave off a potential love rival.

To be eligible for cover you must register in advance by Wednesday by calling 0800 810 0511 before 5pm.

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