10 worst airports for delays and cancellations revealed

22 January 2014

London's Heathrow airport experienced the most cancelled flights in 2013, according to a company that helps passengers claim compensation.

Franz Josef Strauss airport in Munich was the second worst offender, followed by Frankfurt, Charles de Gaulle and Brussels, according to claims analysis from refund.me.

Fortunately for British passengers, no other UK airports were named and shamed in the top 10 list for cancelled flights. But when it comes to delays, things take a turn for the worse, with three British airports making it to the top 10.

Gatwick came in at number two, just slightly behind Frankfurt. Manchester took fourth place, closely following Antalya, which took third place. Stansted came ninth.

Looking at the punctuality of flights from UK airports alone, London City was the most on-time airport in the UK. In the month of September, its average delay was less than seven minutes. Birmingham, Stansted, Edinburgh and Glasgow also made it into the top five.

Internationally, Tokyo Haneda, Tokyo Narita and Sydney were the world's most on-time airports.

10 worst airports for cancellations:
1. London Heathrow
2. Franz Josef Strauss, Munich
3. Frankfurt
4. Charles de Gaulle, Paris
5. Brussels
6. Barcelona
7. Hamburg
8. Amsterdam
9. Dusseldorf
10. Berlin.  

10 worst airports for delays:
1. Frankfurt
2. London Gatwick
3. Antalya
4. Manchester
5. Dusseldorf
6. Palma de Mallorca
7. Barcelona
8. Madrid
9. London Stansted
10. Charles de Gaulle, Paris

10 most on time UK airports:
1. London City
2. Birmingham
3. Stansted
4. Edinburgh
5. Glasgow
6. London Luton
7. Newcastle
8. Manchester
9. London Gatwick
10. London Heathrow

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