Yodel and Hermes named UK's worst parcel delivery firms

Published by Mark King on 10 January 2014.
Last updated on 10 January 2014

Damaged parcel

Yodel and Hermes have been named the worst parcel delivery services in the UK by users of Moneysavingexpert.com.

The poll of 9,000 people named the two as the delivery firms that provide the worst service, with 58% who have had goods delivered by Yodel rating their experience as bad. Hermes came second, attracting a 30% 'bad' rating.

It is the second year in a row that Yodel (which delivers parcels for a wide range of major retailers including Amazon, Argos, Boots and Tesco Direct) has been named the worst parcel firm in the UK by Moneysavingexpert users.

Martin Lewis, founder of MoneySavingExpert.com, said: "Yet again Yodel has come bottom of the delivery pile. It's not quite as hideous as last year when 71% rated it bad – but it should act as a serious warning to anyone thinking of using it, or a company that uses it.

"One of the problems is the indirect nature of delivery firms. Many of the worst firms we only come into contact with because retailers choose to use them to provide deliveries. It's time we put pressure on retailers to stop inflicting this type of delivery on us. Any customer who has an abominable delivery service should complain to the retailer and ask them to justify why they use firms with such dire reputations.

Unfair criticism

In the run-up to Christmas 2013, Yodel said it handled over 14 million parcels in 24 days. But in December 2012, the Observer reported that consumers' Christmas presents were going missing because Yodel was losing parcels or sending them to the wrong addresses.

At the time Yodel, the biggest delivery company in the UK after Royal Mail, claimed it was being unfairly singled out for criticism and said it performed better than many of its competitors.

But Moneysavingexpert today highlighted a number of typical user complaints about Yodel and Hermes. One wrote that she had "never had good service" from Yodel; while another complained: "Hermes put my parcel in the recycling box...on recycling day."

Both DPD and Collect Plus did well in the user poll, with 69% and 60% of their customers, respectively, rating them as good. Only 12% and 11% rated them as bad. Royal Mail was third best parcel firm for customer service, with a 58% 'good' rating.

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For the 4th time this year a

For the 4th time this year a parcel has not been delivered by Hermes. I follow the tracking and no attempt is made to make a delivery. Yet I live in a standard house on the edge of a town. Should be no problems. Before January always a good service from Hermes

I have waited in now for two

I have waited in now for two days for a parcel delivered by Hermes I was told it would be delivered today 29/06/17 I was up stairs the front door bell rang looked out the front window saw it was Hermes I banged on the window went down stairs to the front door I saw a note on the floor by the door from Hermes saying sorry I missed you when I opened the front door I saw the van turning right going down the road. It seems he was in a hurry.

Does not surprise me one bit

Does not surprise me one bit - at least they made an appearance before claiming delivering attempt. Mine just says they attempted when no one even came.

Just had a visit from the

Just had a visit from the invisible Hermes delivery company AGAIN.!! Waited in all day, just gone back on line and guess what ? Sorry they missed me will try again tomorrow, I have been in all day so why such blatant lies ?

my hermes parcels are

my hermes parcels are correctly delivered in 2 days and at good prices, have posted 100s.
one went missing and was eventually delivered. have read that the drivers wages are crap and they seem to have very limited time per parcel for delivery. while almost every parcel is arriving safely and tracked will continue using this courier.

Seriously unimpressed with

Seriously unimpressed with myHermes. On two separate occasions they have delivered our parcels to an address (admittedly similar to ours but WITH A CLEARLY DIFFERENT POSTCODE) in a different village to ours ,some two miles away. This is clearly just laziness/incompetence by their drivers. They simply can't be bothered to get it right. The Hermes 'Complaint system' is a joke and consists of nothing more than an operator saying 'Oh sorry, we've checked with the driver and they say the parcel has been delivered' END OF. Yes the parcel(s) had been delivered but to the wrong address! Just ordered something from amazon and my heart sank when I learned that Hermes were the delivery agent. Should be delivered to my address on Friday 13th October (ominous or what?) I bet it isn't!

Surely Hermes is being run

Surely Hermes is being run from someone’s bedroom...

Yodel is not that bad. Hermes should call it a day and go into liquidation...

My hermes. The drivers don't

My hermes. The drivers don't have any rules. The driver took my parcels home for 2 weeks when he went on holiday. And when he delivered he was rude. 3 out of 7 parcels when missing. And all there office could say was can you wait. Then no answer.. Do not use.. Please. You get what you pay for

Hermes failed to deliver a

Hermes failed to deliver a sign for parcel and lied to me about the delivery. there customer services refuse to discuss the matter, the depot will not answer any questions. Who regulates them so i can complain

Hermes must be the worst

Hermes must be the worst courier service in the world. Why?

I will tell you why

They have caused me no end of problems over this recent cold spell.

I have had seller telling me that my items have been delivered and sign fo when they have not

How has this come about.

Well . Hermes had for reasons best know to theselves , decided to reassign the consignment number on more than six of mty items.

By doing this my purchases ended up in Belfast Norther ireland, which happens to be 550 mile away from my home address in Sevenoaks Kent.

These items ended up in the Argos dropoff/pickup point in Belfast. the items were signed for by a lady by the name of Ruth.

I managed to track down the Argo store and spoke to the person in charge of Hermes pickups and drop offs These people were very polite and hepfull and told me they have more than six item there with unknown tracking number and marked for Peter (me)

They said that they would try to help by contacting Ebay and Hermes on my behalf.

Meanwhile I had opnned cases against the sellers stating the item had not arrived. Their response was that the item had been delivered and the items signed for by Ruth.

After having explained to each of the seller all of the above, they in turn made their own investigation will Hermes ( waiting on the live chat and beinf over 20 in the queue ) They were told that they had put the Belfast address on their item and therefore they were to blame for the item ending up in Belfast and it was not a Hermes problem. The fact that Hermes had reasigned the consigment numbers, to what I can only think was a way of getting around mis-delivery dates, had in fact screwwed the system and redirected the parcels to the wrong destination 550 miles away.

I spen a whole day investigating this and when I again approched Hermes telling them of my findings , they were not interested and not prepared to speak to Argo Belfast and arrange for the items to be sent on to my address. There only comments were that it was the fault of the sender and they should sort it out.

I can not for the life of my understand why EBAY would wish to be involve with such a low quality could not care less outfit such as MyHermes



I have been expecting a

I have been expecting a delivery of an Ipad, bought on Ebay. since Sunday 25th November 2018.
I still haven't received the goods. The Heremes tracking service only says that the parcel was received at the Thurrock office late on Thursday 29th. No idea as to which date or time it will be delivered. I live in Harwich so my parcel has been at the other end of the county now for several days.

My advice to retailers is don

My advice to retailers is don’t use Hermes or you won’t keep your customers for long.