Nearly one in 10 Brits forget to take ATM cash

8 January 2014

Nearly one in 10 British adults have admitted to leaving their cash behind when making an ATM withdrawal, according to new research.

People between the ages of 18 and 24 are most likely to make the error, with 14% having been caught out, according to Think Money's number crunching.

At the other end of the age spectrum, the over-65s are the least likely to forget to take their money from the cashpoint with just 3% having done so.

The research revealed residents of the North East and London to be most easily distracted at the ATM, with 15% and 13% respectively having failed to take their money.

However, only 6% of those living in the East Midlands had done so.

Be vigilant

Ian Williams from thinkmoney said: "It seems that quite a few of us will admit to leaving the cash machine without our money – perhaps in some cases when we are enjoying a 'good night out'. This isn't always a problem as the machine will reclaim the money after a few seconds and it will either be re-credited to your account automatically or after you have reported it to your account provider.

"However, it makes sense to be very vigilant whilst using the ATM, as some crooks will try to distract you so they can snatch the money. At the very least, by paying attention at the cash point you avoid the embarrassment of arriving at your destination and finding yourself out of pocket."

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