Staysure insurance customer data stolen by hackers

6 January 2014

Almost 100,000 Staysure insurance customers have been warned their personal details may have been stolen as a result of a cyber attack on the company.

The company said it has written to customers to inform them of the attack, which it believes happened in the last two weeks of October.

It said hackers had stolen "encrypted payment card details of customers who purchased insurance from us before May 2012".

Staysure said that card verification value (CVV) details, as well as customer names and addresses had been obtained by cyber criminals during the attack.

The company said that, while 93,389 customers had been potentially affected, the number accounts for less than 7% of its customer base, and they had all been offered free access to Data Patrol - an identity-monitoring service provided by Experian that alerts them if any of their customer data is compromised.

In a statement, Ryan Howsam, Staysure's chief executive, said: "We immediately removed the software and systems that the attackers exploited, and we are confident that we have taken the right steps to protect our customers in the future.

"We are deeply sorry that this has happened and are working diligently to make sure that inconvenience to customers is minimised."

Howsam gave the following advice to all customers following the attack:

  • "If we have not written to you, you will not be amongst those affected."
  • "If you are among those affected please follow the suggested course of action in our letter, which is to contact your card issuer, check your statements and then take advantage of the free subscription to Data Patrol."
  • "If you are in receipt of our letter and have any concerns or queries please call the numbers provided and we will be pleased to assist you. Contact Numbers: 0800 007 4540; 01604 214 575."

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