Christmas boost for motorists as petrol prices are slashed

17 December 2013

Motorists have been given a boost in the run up to Christmas with Asda and Tesco cutting the price of petrol.

Both supermarkets will reduce the price of petrol at their pumps by 2p a litre from 18 December, while the price of diesel is being slashed by 1p a litre.

The average cost of petrol across UK petrol stations on 16 December was 131.17p a litre, while diesel averaged out at 138.6p a litre.

But Asda says its customers will not pay more than 126.7p for petrol and 134.7 for diesel, making them considerably cheaper than the UK average.

Morrison's and Sainsbury's have yet to announce whether they will reduce the price of fuel at their forecourts, but they are expected to follow suit.

Pete Williams, RAC's head of external affairs, said: "Cheaper fuel is something motorists will widely welcome and comes ahead of both last-minute Christmas shopping this weekend, and the rush on the roads next week.

"The wholesale price of fuel is at its lowest rate since early November so we hope that other retailers pass on a similar saving."

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