Men race ahead in driving test pass rate

29 November 2013

Arguments rage as to whether men or women are better drivers but now men have statistics on their side - new research has revealed that 48% of men pass their driving test first time compared to 44% of women.

Women are also less likely to pass their practical driving test first time round, according to official statistics obtained from the government's Driving Standards Agency by

Women take an average of eight months to pass this test, compared to just six months for men.

Men are generally more confident about how they drive, with 39% believing they are better drivers than women, while just over a quarter (26%) of women believe they are more competent drivers than their male counterparts.

The poll also revealed that 17 is the best age for first-time pass rates among men and women and that the oldest driver in the UK is a female - she's 106.

"For years, people have argued over whether men or women are the best drivers, and while this is still up for debate, men can now claim at least that they are the quickest learners when they get behind the wheel of the car," said Gemma Stanbury, head of car insurance at

"However, people should be cautious as learning to drive is not a race - motorists should take their time and learn to drive carefully before taking their tests.

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"The experience that comes with driving over time is invaluable in preventing accidents and making our roads a safer place for everyone.

"New drivers, regardless of age or gender, should be mindful of other road users and make sure responsible driving is their number one priority."

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