82% of Brits have money worries

26 November 2013

More than three-quarters (82%) of Brits are worried about money some, most or all of the time despite the UK economy recovering, according to a new poll.

Almost two-thirds (63%) say they are struggling to keep up with bills and credit payments.

The poll also found that attitudes to issues such as inflation and unemployment varied considerably depending upon age, said the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP), which organised the research as part of Financial Planning Week - currently underway.

Inflation was a major concern for 62% of survey respondents aged over 55, with a further 38% of them stating they were worried about zero or below-inflation wage or pension rises.

Almost half (47%) of over-50s said they were concerned about the returns from savings and investments, compared to 30% across the poll as a whole.

Meanwhile, the young are more worried about jobs, with 51% of 18 to 24-year-olds fearful of unemployment or job insecurity, compared to 32% across the poll.

No financial plans

However, despite concerns, few Brits are taking advice to improve their finances. Rebecca Taylor, of Dunham Financial Services and IFP president, said: "Just 4% have a comprehensive financial plan in place with goals identified and prioritised with costs and a schedule of how and when they can achieve them.

"Even more worrying is that only 11% say they are likely to make a comprehensive financial plan in 2014. If people are to get savvy with their spending, they need to have a proper plan in place. After all, if you don't know where you're heading, how will you know when you get there?"

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