Accountancy voted the best job in the world

22 November 2013

Accountants have the best job in the world, despite their reputation for being dull number-crunchers, according to a survey of 60 professions by insurer LV=.

With an average annual salary of £38,283 (44% above the UK national average), accountants rate their job highly for job security, training and career prospects – and also don't consider the work to be too stressful.

LV= asked 5,000 workers to rank their careers against 10 key criteria. Three-quarters (74%) cited job security as their main concern, followed by good pay (60%) and reasonable working hours (59%). And in these tough economic times, having a 'sexy' job is not rated highly – just 4% now see excitement in a career as a must-have feature.

Accountancy is looking an increasingly sound careers option for many. Over the past 10 years, employment levels among accountants have grown by a third, rising from 145,000 in 2003 to 180,000 in 2013, according to data from the Office for National Statistics.

Teachers came second in the poll, followed by engineers, charity workers and IT technicians.

Mark Jones, head of LV= Protection, said: "It's clearly a reflection of the turbulent times we continue to live in that job security was voted by Britons as the single most important feature of a job. However, even those with the 'best job in the world', whose levels of job security outweigh other careers, should not be complacent.

"A job for life is a thing of the past, and no matter how stable your job may appear, at an individual level anything could happen."

The five 'best' jobs in the world (aggregate score out of 10)

1. Accountant (6.00)
2. Teacher (5.9)
3. Engineer (5.75)
4. Charity worker (5.75)
5. IT technician (5.61)

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