Top 10 areas for safe driving

21 November 2013

The UK's safest drivers live in Greater London and Devon, according to analysis Aviva has performed using data from its Drive app.

The firm said that, despite having one of the heaviest traffic volumes in the UK, Greater London came out top of its safe driving table, which is based on data from over 3.5 million miles driven by users of the app.

Drivers from Devon, which came second in the table, also "demonstrated strong road safety skills", followed by drivers in East Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Cornwall.

But Buckinghamshire came bottom, perhaps as a result of it housing Milton Keynes and its many roundabouts. Also at the bottom of the table were Norfolk (Aviva suggested its long, flat roads could be a temptation to some to put their foot down), and Northamptonshire.

The Aviva Drive app uses smartphone technology to record a motorist's driving style - covering their acceleration, braking and cornering. At 200 miles, the app gives drivers an individual driving score, which is used to calculate any personalised discount the motorist has earned – up to 20% off their Aviva premium.

Heather Smith, director of marketing at Aviva, said: "Although it's fun to look at different regions' driving scores, our results clearly show that the UK is a nation of safe drivers. The average score by all users of the Aviva Drive app was more than six out of a possible 10, meaning most drivers qualified for a discount on their premium."

In total, three out of four drivers who completed the app qualified for some form of discount, and 31% of drivers qualified for the maximum 20% discount.

While Aviva said it was unable to conclude whether men or women were the better drivers, it did say that married people (on average) scored better than those who are single.

Top 10 areas for safe driving

Greater London
East Yorkshire
West Yorkshire
South Glamorgan

Bottom 10 areas for safe driving


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