Christmas brings decoration disaster for unlucky Brits

15 November 2013

One in 20 Brits say they have injured themselves while putting up Christmas decorations, according to comparison site

The same proportion admit they've damaged their house in the process too. Fire was cited as a result of Christmas lights or festive candles by 6% of those surveyed.

Gareth Lane, head of home insurance at says: "Christmas should be the time of good cheer, festive fun and happy family get-togethers. However, the party season also brings an increased risk of accidents in the home, with the festive decorations sometimes providing more than just a little extra sparkle."

The survey also revealed than 10% of Brits surveyed are so excited for Christmas they already have their Christmas decorations up - a month early - while most people (45%) wait until the start of December to put up theirs.

More than one in 10 will light up their home with a bright Christmas character this year too - 6% will set up an inflatable Santa and 4% will set up inflatable reindeer.

Have you ever had a mishap getting the house ready for Christmas? Share your stories below.

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