British kids rack up £3.55bn damage bill

16 November 2013

Each UK child will cause £5,000 on average to the family home as they grow up, according to insurer MORE TH>N - equating to an eye-watering UK repair bill of £3.35 billion.

Stained carpets, smashed ornaments and paint-splattered walls are cited as the most common of damage. And the worst of the carnage occurs when they’re the tender age of three - the year in which they cause damage seven times and rack up an average repair bill of £526.

Things get better after the age of 10 and until they reach 16. But between 16 and 18 the damage begins to rise again as the result of children learning new social skills by throwing house parties.

Boys are by far the most frequent offenders and kids in London are the most destructive, causing an average of £387 damage each. Following closely behind are youngsters in the West Midlands (£379) and the North West (£347).

Janet Connor, managing director for MORE TH>N, said: "Whether you have restless, wall-wrecking toddlers or party-loving teenagers it's important to have appropriate cover for your home to make sure you're covered for all sorts of eventualities."

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The most common damage caused

1. Spilling food and drink on the carpets
2. Smashing plates and crockery
3. Drawing and painting on the walls
4. Breaking vases, pictures and photo frames
5. Tearing wallpaper from the walls
6. Jumping on beds until they break
7. Breaking windows playing sports in the garden
8. Damaging the TV playing computer games
9. Putting food and drink in electrical objects
10. Hiding valuables in the washing machine

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