Ryanair revamp will drive customers away

14 November 2013

It seems air passengers aren't buying Ryanair's pledge to improve its customer service - in fact, it's making the vast majority of them use alternative airlines, according to exclusive Moneywise research.

The Moneywise.co.uk poll reveals that, despite Ryanair's revamp, 83% of respondents are more likely to fly with the airline's rivals. Over a third (38%) said they would be more likely to fly British Airways and 27% would go for EasyJet.

However, the 17% that voted for Ryanair beats the 9% that would opt to fly with Jet2 and the 5% that would choose Flybe.

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary would no doubt be more delighted that just 4% of Moneywise readers said they would prefer to fly with Ryanair's arch rival Aer Lingus.

At the end of last week the budget airline outlined its plans to improve "enhance" customer service by allowing people to amend their bookings for up to 24 hours and o bring a second small carry-on bag of up to 35x20x20cms at no extra cost.

It also said it will reduce the fee it charges passengers who have checked-in online but forgotten to print out their boarding pass. They will pay £15 to have their pass re-issued at the airport, down from £70.

But Moneywise.co.uk readers just aren't convinced the changes will go far enough. Commenting on the move to allow passengers 24 hours to from the time of their booking to correct any minor errors, AllyMoney wrote: "Still miserly given that there is no real cost involved to do a change for minor errors as most of it is just auto changing a database.

"Up to 24 hours prior to flight would be more like it. Smacks of wishing to still make a big charge to make changes!"


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My grouse is that unless you pay extra, 2 passengers travelling together are allocated seats which are not together. On a recent flight to Malaga there were empty seats together and yet we were still allocated seats at different ends of the cabin. Ryanair is not allocating seats randomly, it is punishing you for not paying extra.

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