John Lewis vies for your Christmas cash with new advert

8 November 2013

John Lewis has released its latest tear-jerking Christmas advert, unveiling an animated film telling the festive story of a rabbit and a bear. The £7 million advert, with its trademark schmaltz, is clearly designed to entice us into stores.

The "John Lewis tear-jerker", as it has come to be known, began life in 2009 when the retailer launched a Christmas advert featuring children opening gifts intended for adults – to help show the adults watching how Christmas used to feel. With an accompanying folk-style cover version of Sweet Child O'Mine by Guns and Roses, the template was set.

We've since had whimsical versions of Billy Joel's Always a Woman To Me (2010), Elton John's Your Song (2011), and The Smith's Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (2012) – all set to sentimental imagery that invokes nostalgia or tugs the heart strings.

This year, it's the turn of pop singer Lily Allen, warbling a cover version of Keane's Somewhere Only We Know, as the rabbit helps a hibernating bear enjoy his first Christmas.

At the end, as the bear finally awakens to the sight of an illuminated Christmas tree, the strapline 'Give someone a Christmas they'll never forget', appears.

Craig Inglis, marketing director at John Lewis, says: "We wanted our advert to reflect the importance of finding the right gift for friends and loved ones, a theme which we have built on for a number of years. Through the use of hand-crafted animation, we're hoping to evoke nostalgia and build anticipation ahead of Christmas."

The ad can be viewed on and the John Lewis YouTube channel ( It will debut on TV screens from 9 November.

Do you enjoy John Lewis's Christmas adverts? Do they make you more or less likely to spend money at John Lewis? Share your comments below.

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