Christmas toys 2013: where to find them cheapest

6 November 2013

The Toy Retailers Association has unveiled its predictions for the most sought-after toys of Christmas 2013. The TRA represents 50% of toy retailers, so its predictions tend to be correct - last year it correctly predicted that tablets for children would sell like hot cakes and it named the Furby in its list, which turned out to be the best-selling toy in December 2012.

Below, we detail where you can find every toy in the list for the cheapest price. Let us know in the comments below if you can find any of them cheaper.

LEGO City Coast Guard (RRP: £59.99)

This set boasts a submarine, helicopter, dinghy, lighthouse and three sharks, among others.

It's mostly sold out at present, but was reasonably cheap at (£41.99), (£41.39), and (£41.29). The cheapest Moneywise could find is at - a steal at £39.99.

Doc McStuffins Doctor's Bag (RRP: £19.99)

Doc McStuffins is a children's TV character with her own show on the Disney Channel. This playset includes her bag, thermometer, syringe, and stethoscope. At Tesco it's £15.99, but at Amazon it's £13.29, while Toys'R'Us is cheapest at £12.99.

Flying Fairy (RRP: £34.99)

Kids can move these fairies through the air simply by moving their hand. It's £29.99 at Argos, Tesco and Smyths, but just £23.29 at Toys'R'Us.

Furby Boom! (RRP: £59.99)

This updated Furby allows children to access virtual versions of the toy and create tiny Furby hatchlings. Smyths Toys comes in reasonably cheap at £46.89, but Toys'R'Us is selling them at £45.99 a pop.

InnoTab 3S (RRP: £99.99)

The latest version in the InnoTab series of children's tablet computers is not cheap, retailing at £99.99 - but Moneywise readers needn't pay that. Smyths is selling them for £73.99, while Amazon and Toys'R'Us are offering the tablet for £71.89.

LeapPad Ultra (RRP £119.99)

The other tablet computer in the 2013 list is the LeapPad Ultra - the most expensive toy named by the TRA this year. You can buy it for £87.49 at Toys'R'Us - but Amazon and Argos are cheapest at £86.99.

Monopoly Empire (RRP: £19.99)

This version of the game teaches children to become little capitalists by building an empire of brands such as Coca-Cola and eBay. It's just £14.99 at Argos but only £13.29 at Toys'R'Us.

Monster High 13 Wishes Doll (RRP: £22.99)

At some retailers, the price of these dolls fluctuate depending on the popularity or availability of each doll. For example, at Amazon, the Gigi doll is £10.99 but Howleen costs £26.50. Argos sells some of them for £13.59, while at Toys'R'Us they are £12.89.

Nerf N-Strike Elite RapidStrike CS-18 (RRP: £39.99)

This gun, offering rapid-strike firepower, can shoot foam darts up to 75 feet. It's £24.99 at Argos, £24.49 at Toys'R'Us, but just £24.79 at Smyths Toys.

Robo Fishbowl (RRP: £14.99)

This is essentially a plastic fish bowl that comes with a robotic fish that looks and behaves remarkably like a real one. It must be popular because some retailers are selling them for more than the RRP. But undercutting them all is Toys'R'Us at £14.29.

Teksta Robotic Puppy (RRP: £59.99)

There's a gender split on this one, with the pink version far cheaper than the blue one (for example, £36 versus £67 at Amazon). Cheapest on the high street is Toys'R'Us, with both colours available at £46.89.

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