Most burglaries happen in November

1 November 2013

Homes are more likely to get broken into in November than any other month of the year, with burglaries taking place every two minutes.

Research by LV= found that ground floor and basement flats are the properties with the highest risk of being burgled - they are 48% more likely to broken into than any other type of property. Semi-detached houses and upper-floor flats are the least likely to burgled.

Burglaries are more likely to take place during the day (11am-5pm), however, the busiest single hour for burglaries is between midnight and 1am.

Selwyn Fernandes, managing director of LV= home insurance, said: "Burglary is still a major problem in the UK. Being burgled can be very unpleasant and more often than not, victims are not reunited with their stolen possessions."

The most likely items to be stolen are electrical goods such as laptops and cameras, followed by cash and jewellery, the research found.

The average cost of repairing damage or replacing stolen goods is £1,730, according to the firm.

The insurer also said nationwide burglary rates are generally declining, but some areas are seeing an increase. South Wales police saw a 29% increase in domestic burglaries between 2011 and 2012, and Kent Police saw an 11% rise.

"We urge all home-owners to review their home security measures to ensure they don't fall victim to this horrible crime," Fernandes recommends. "Keeping doors and windows locked, and making sure your keys and valuables cannot be seen through the windows can help reduce your risk of being burgled."

Research conducted by the AA reveals that the majority of householders take some steps to protect themselves from burglars in the run up to Christmas. 52% say they leave their lights on when they go out to make it look as though someone's home; while 29% make an extra effort to close their curtains so burglars can't see in. A careful 19% hide their presents rather than put them under the tree.

More tips to keep your home safe during winter

  • Trim back overgrown hedges or trees - they're perfect for burglars to hide behind.
  • Make sure your security lights are working if you have them - they may put burglars off if they light up as they approach.
  • Burglars are likely to be able to tell the difference between a fake burglar alarm and a real one; if you're going to buy one it should be real.
  • Put away anything a burglar could use to gain access to your home such as garden tools.

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