Is this the best or worst job ad ever?

10 October 2013

Job advertisements are not usually interesting or exciting enough to make the news, but a London PR firm's advert for a senior account manager role has bucked the trend – in style.

The firm, Just In Time PR, says candidates must be on drugs, have an alcohol problem and have had repeated run-ins with the law.

The advert reads: "If you have principles and take offence easily, then this role categorically won't be for you. Guardian readers, teetotallers and anyone who believes in the afterlife almost certainly won't fit in."

It adds that candidates will be working for, "a company run by a fat bloke with a drink problem and a moral compass that only ever points south".

A successful piece of public relations in its own right, Dominic Hiatt, head honcho at Just In Time PR, writes in the advert that his perfect CV would include the following:

  • You'll be on anti-depressants, and probably will have been for a number of years. People who need drugs to keep them going are generally the most interesting.
  • You couldn't care less about global warming. In fact, if a meteorite the size of Mexico slammed into our planet tomorrow, you'd rejoice.
  • You'll have an alcohol problem. OK, maybe not quite Leaving Las Vegas as you're no use to me in a vase, but you've certainly got it in you and are only ever one drink away from oblivion. Your entire character will change after round number 7 and all hell will let loose.
  • You'll have had a number of run-ins with the law and will have spent at least one night in a police cell. A history of drunken disorderly is ideal.
  • You can fart and chew gum at the same time.

Cuddly and perfect

Horrified? Perhaps you should be, Except buried at the bottom of the ad is the disclaimer: "I'm joking, of course. We're actually lovely people who will employ anyone from anywhere, whatever their worldview and political leanings. Someone even wore patchouli oil in the office once and nobody said a thing. We're actually growing, too (I know, I can't believe it myself)."

On Twitter, Hiatt has so far said: "Everyone calls me fat in the office although according to the other half I'm cuddly and perfect."

You can read the advert in full here (

So is this a brilliant PR strategy to get Just In Time's job ad seen by as many potential recruits as possible, or an ill-advised attempt at comedy that could backfire? Is it the funniest or worst job ad ever?

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