Costs of work take 12% bite out of wages

27 September 2013

UK workers are forking out 12% of their annual take-home pay on costs incurred by their jobs, according to research by Santander.

Commuting costs employees on average £955 a year to drive, and £927 if traveling by public transport.

Meanwhile childcare sets them back a whopping £3,656.

The overall costs incurred by working have risen 10% since last year, during a period in which the average salary rose by 1.4%.

Alan Mathewson, chief executive of Santander Cards, said: "Earning a living can be an expensive task, particularly against a backdrop of rising living costs. The price of going to work has increased significantly since last year but average salaries have not and, as a result, workers are considerably worse off.
"There are a number of small changes people can make to their day-to-day routine that will help counterbalance these rising costs; by seeking out the best deals at the supermarket or department store and making the most of discounts and cashback offers."
Top 10 work costs, compiled by Santander
Phone bills, £174
Computer equipment, £33
Public transport, £927
Food & drink, £486
Personal grooming, £171
Work clothes, £93
Childcare (full-time workers), £3656
Private car, £955
Work equipment such as stationery, £19
Money spent on colleagues and clients, £76

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