Sunday parking ticket hotspots revealed

20 September 2013

Britons are hit with 900,000 parking tickets per month, with councils handing out on average 162 parking tickets per day, according to LV=.

The figure is an increase of 4% on last year, and the insurer estimates UK drivers are now paying more than £30 million a month in parking charges.

The number of tickets issued on a Sunday has increased by 13%, with Alum Rock Road in Birmingham being the most common road to be hit with a ticket on a Sunday - followed by Cliffe Road, in Bradford and Clapham Park Road in London.

The council that issued the most tickets was the City of Westminster (1,269 per day), with Birmingham City Council (339 per day) and Bristol City Council (271 per day) issuing the most outside the capital.

The council that issued the fewest tickets was Moray, in Scotland, issuing fewer than 113 in six months – less than one a day.

LV= said one of the biggest reasons why drivers get hit with tickets is they assume parking rules are same throughout the country, when they differ from council to council. For example, one in four (23%) think it is legal and free to park anywhere on a Sunday, when in fact it is only allowed in one in five councils.

John O'Roarke, managing director at LV= Car Insurance, said: "Parking rules vary in each council area and it is easy to get caught out when you don't know the restriction.

"Parking on a Sunday is becoming increasingly difficult and it's easy to get caught out if you don't know the local rules. If in doubt, check the sign explaining the parking restrictions and if you are still unsure try to park somewhere else."

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