A quarter of new iPhones will be damaged within the year

20 September 2013

Nearly a quarter of the new iPhones bought on launch day (Friday 20 September) will be broken within the space of a year, according to research from insurer Square Trade.

The most common damage will be the result of being dropped (30%) or having a drink spilt on them (23%).

People who use public transport to commute to work are 66% more likely than the rest of the population to damage their phone, while regular stock traders are 60% more likely and people with tattoos are 37% more likely.

Damage to mobile phones has cost Brits £1.2 billion since 2007 and 8% of owners say they use a phone with a cracked screen and 4% tape theirs up after it's been damaged.

SquareTrade also put the durability of the new iPhones to the test outside the Apple store in London's Covent Garden on Friday, by dropping them to the ground from a height of six feet.

SquareTrade's Europe managing director Kevin Gillan said: "Both phones suffered in the drop test and were scratched. On the 5c there is also damage to the camera. But on the whole, given the propensity for mobile phones to get damaged they have fared reasonably well."

If you're worried about damaging your new iPhone, before you think about taking out gadget insurance, heed this warning from consumer champion, Which?: "Instead of buying separate gadget insurance, it often works out cheaper to extend your home insurance to cover personal belongings away from home."

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