Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V: price check

17 September 2013

The latest in Rockstar's urban crime video game series Grand Theft Auto is released on 17 September 2013. GTA V is the most expensive video game ever created, at a reputed cost of £170 million.

Set in the fictional city of Los Santos, based loosely on Los Angeles, gamers must play as three different characters (Michael, Trevor and Franklin) to perform six bank heists - and get away with them.

But where can you find it the cheapest?

Below, we show prices for the game when bought on its own, but there are plenty of deals available for people who wish to buy points for either the Xbox or Playstation 3 (PS3). For example, Tesco is reducing its £38 price to £32 when bought with Xbox points or a PSN card.

Similarly some outlets, such as HMV, are offering GTA V for free if you purchase an Xbox 360 (£199.99) or PS3 console.

Also, be on the lookout for any discount vouchers, codes or promotions that might be available to use at any retailer likely to stock GTA V.

GTA V: how much it costs

Tesco: £38 or £32 when you buy Xbox live points (worth £17.50) or live subscriptions to the PS3 or Xbox.
Sainsbury's: £41.79
Asda: £39.97
GAME: £40.99. £38 £44.94, Xbox 360; £43.99, PS3
ToysRus: £43.97
Smyths: £39.97
Argos: £42.99 £39.98.
HMV: tbc



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