O2 unveils Apple iPhone 5S and 5C prices

11 September 2013

O2 is selling the new Apple iPhone 5S for £119.99 to customers who take out a two-year contract. It will sell the iPhone 5C for £49.99.

The new Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C go on sale on 20 September 2013, but the phones are available to pre-order at most mobile network operators already.

New and existing O2 customers will be offered both handsets on the "completely future-proof" O2 Refresh tariff, which allows O2 customers to buy future iPhones without having to pay the remainder of their airtime contract.

O2 has become the first UK provider to announce pricing details, even though it has admitted that it will not be able to provide 4G services on the phones until weeks after the release date.

In recognition of this delay, O2 has said it will offer £5 off their monthly bill to customers who buy iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on a 4G tariff before the 4G update happens.

iPhone 5S

For an upfront cost of £119.99, the 16GB iPhone 5S will cost O2 customers £37 a month for 1GB of 3G data plus unlimited texts and calls.

For the same upfront cost of £119.99, customers can choose the more expensive £47 a month tariff for 5GB of 4G data as well as unlimited texts and calls.

iPhone 5C

The 16GB version of the iPhone 5C will set you back £32 a month at O2 for an upfront cost of £49.99 – this gets you 750MB of 3G data plus unlimited texts and 600 minutes.

For an upfront fee of £99.99, customers can choose to pay £42 a month for 5GB of 4G data plus unlimited texts and calls.

The upgraded iPhone 5 comes in three colours: silver, grey or gold. It has a fingerprint scanner – known as Touch ID – meaning users will no longer have to use a PIN to access the phone but will instead unlock their phone with a single touch. Users will also be able to purchase music, books and films via iTunes using their fingerprint. The new iPhone 5C comes in five eye-catching colours and is cheaper than the iPhone 5S.

"As the network that first brought iPhone to the UK, we're proud to continue to innovate with our iPhone offering," said O2's Ronan Dunne. "Customers who purchase their iPhone from us get complete peace of mind that they can always be at the leading edge of technology."

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