Top 10 UK debt hotspots

27 August 2013

Croydon postcodes top the list of where people are most concerned about debt, according to debt management company PayPlan.

Postcodes in Coventry and Nottingham follow closely behind, while parts of Taunton in Somerset and Brighton in Sussex also appear in the top 10.

Over the past 12 months, PayPlan has assessed combined debts of more than £3.4 billion. That breaks down to average combined debt of £83,465 per person, made up of unsecured debt of £20,068 and £63,396 of secured debt.

While the company said on average only one in six people with debt problems seek help, some months it has received more than 10,000 calls – the equivalent of once call for help every 20 seconds.

Payplan said that a few years ago its clients were typically on low incomes and in rented accommodation. However, now they include homeowners with debt levels of around £200,000, young families and retired people.

Jason Eaves, Payplan director, said: "Right now we are being told that the economy is ‘out of intensive care’ but there are still a few years ahead where people will continue to struggle financially. Currently there are 2.5 million unemployed and many others who have had to take jobs that pay less than their previous roles.

"Many families have seen their budgets squeezed. Some parts of the country are in recovery while other parts are still in decline; but even in more affluent areas if wage increases have not matched the rising cost of living then debt is still a problem.

"The issue is to get people to seek help and not take out more debt as, over time, this only makes matters worse. Once debt is managed then people can get on with their lives."  

Top 10 postcodes seeking PayPlan’s help with debt

1. CR0 (Croydon)
2. CV6 (Coventry)
3. NG17 (Nottingham)
4. TA6 (Taunton)
5. BN2 (Brighton)
6. CV10 (Coventry)
7. PL5 (Plymouth)
8. LE3 (Leicester)
9. ST6 (Stoke on Trent)
10. NG31 (Nottingham)

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