Virgin Media adds BT Sports to its service

Published by Mark King on 15 August 2013.
Last updated on 15 August 2013

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BT has finally signed a deal with Virgin Media that allows Virgin customers to watch BT Sports on their TiVo boxes.

It makes Virgin the only place where viewers can get BT Sports for free outside of a BT Broadband contract.

Customers on the most expensive Virgin Media package – XL – will now be able to watch BT Sports for free, while those on cheaper TV packages will have to pay £15 a month.

XL costs £20.50 a month for six months, rising to £24.50 thereafter; although customers must also pay for a Virgin Media phone line costing £14.99 a month.

If you want to add Sky Sports to your XL package, it will cost you an extra £14.50 a month, plus customer still need to factor in broadband costs to their package.

By contrast, Sky Sports costs £43.50 a month with Sky, and customers still to pay for their phone line and broadband. BT Sports on its own costs £12 a month unless you have a BT Broadband contract (the cheapest costs £10 a month plus line rental of £15.45 a month).

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Dana Strong, Virgin Media's chief operating officer, said: "Virgin Media homes are kicking off the new season with the most complete sporting line-up around in one simple subscription. We're excited to announce our deal with BT, making these fantastic new channels available at no extra cost to millions of Virgin TV viewers and in HD as standard."

In late-July, Sky launched the NOW TV box, a little set-top box costing £9.99 through which you can purchase Sky Sports day passes for £9.99 a pop.

But the Virgin Media deal adds yet another layer of confusion to an already complicated market. Consumers must now factor in all the different ways they can watch TV as well as the separate cost of phone and broadband, before they can make a decision on the cheapest provider.

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