First look at John Lewis' new TV ad campaign

15 August 2013

It might not be as hotly-anticipated as the retailer's legendary Christmas adverts, but John Lewis Insurance is launching its first-ever TV advertising campaign to promote home insurance products.

From today (16 August), John Lewis will start rolling-out the campaign to try and tempt us into switching insurer. Initially, there will be a campaign across social media platforms (the likes of Twitter and Facebook) and then the adverts will hit our TV screens from Saturday 17 August.

Moneywise has had a sneak preview of the new advert and can confirm that, while it's not up there with the 2010 or 2011 Christmas ads, the insurance advert is certainly more memorable than your average insurance advert.

It features stop motion animation to show the possessions of a family home gathering on the lawn for a family photo. Ending with the line "If it matters to you, it matters to us", the retailer is clearly trying to build on the emotional impact of classic John Lewis campaigns.

The "John Lewis tear-jerker", as it has come to be known, began life in 2009 when the retailer launched a Christmas advert featuring children opening gifts intended for adults – to help show the adults watching how Christmas used to feel. With an accompanying folk-style cover version of Sweet Child O'Mine by Guns and Roses, the template was set.

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We've since had whimsical versions of Billy Joel's Always a Woman To Me (2010), Elton John's Your Song (2011), and The Smith's Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (2012) – all set to sentimental imagery that invokes nostalgia or tugs the heart strings.

The new insurance ad features/songwriter Nina Nesbitt warbling a version of the Fleetwood Mac track 'Don't Stop', which somehow helps it to evoke the same feelings as the Christmas ads manage; while the animation adds a bit of straightforward charm.

Standout campaign

John Lewis marketing director Craig Inglis said: "In a market crowded with insurance advertising, we wanted to create a truly standout campaign that focused on the things in our lives that we all care about the most. I think the result is a beautiful, uplifting film, complemented by a knock-out vocal from Nina, and we hope the message will ring true with our customers."

It's shamefully sentimental, perhaps, and certainly designed to manipulate the viewer's emotions, but this looks like being another success for John Lewis.

However, no-one should buy an insurance product based on how charming an advert is - how many people bought Direct Line insurance based on its anthropomorphic red telephone instead of checking its policies? By all means, check out John Lewis' insurance, but make sure you check it covers you adequately and is as competitive as its rivals.

Now you can watch the advert too: Let us know what you think below.

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