Most pension savers risk losing out on annuity income

12 August 2013

Almost 80% of those nearing retirement think staying with their existing pension provider will ‘make no difference' to the amount of money they receive from their annuity. But the reality is that it could cost them thousands in lost income, according to retirement specialist Partnership.

Only 13% of people surveyed by Partnership realised that by taking an annuity from their existing pension provider, they risked reducing the amount of income they can get from an annuity. Only 17% understood that smoking or being overweight could actually boost the amount they get through an enhanced annuity.

Neither did many of those surveyed (36%) realise that general ill health or having a medical condition can also lead to a greater income via an enhanced annuity.

And only 8% were aware that due to postcode pricing, living in a nice area (a factor that improves longevity) may result in a lower income from their annuity.

In addition, while you don't have to take out a joint annuity if you are married, if you choose to do so you will get a lower income – but only 12% of those surveyed realised that being married could reduce the amount of annuity income they might receive.

Find the best annuity rate for your circumstances

Andrew Megson, managing director of retirement at Partnership, said: "It is extremely worrying to see that most people simply assume that staying with their existing pension provider will have no impact on the amount they receive.

"For people with medical or lifestyle conditions, the impact of not shopping around is likely to be even more devastating as an increase of 20% in excess of a standard annuity would be reasonably typical for one of our 65-year old customers and, for severe conditions, could be considerably more."

If you are coming up to retirement, always shop around for an annuity. The Financial Conduct Authority has an annuity comparison tool on its consumer website,

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