British expats say they're better off abroad

12 August 2013

Eight in 10 British expats believe they have a better quality of life living overseas than they would back home, new research has shown.

A report from Natwest International Personal Banking (Natwest IPB) said seven in 10 expats describe their work-life balance as good to excellent, and 86% say their standard of living is the best.

Australia scored highest in terms of quality of life, with eight in 10 British expats citing this as the reason they moved down under. They also said the weather and the overall lifestyle were reasons for moving there. And 73% of expats in Australia said their health has improved since moving there.

Dave Isley, head of Natwest IPB, said: "Continual sunshine coupled with a string of economic stability make Australia the perfect destination for Brits to set up home. Factors such as an efficient healthcare system, low crime rates, a clean environment, good education, civic engagement, and a longer-than-average life expectancy also factored in the high scoring."

The report highlighted that less Britons are moving abroad to Europe, due to falling property prices, austerity measures and a decline in job security on the mainland.

More expats are now moving to more up and coming countries like UAE and Singapore. Singapore offers a good quality of life and jobs, increasing the demand for Brits to move there, the report said.

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