Asda tops poll for value and quality

Published by Laura Whitcombe on 09 August 2013.
Last updated on 09 August 2013

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Asda has been voted best UK supermarket for value and quality, according to a survey by shopping rewards App Shopitize.

As for value, 46% of supermarket shoppers said Asda was the best, with Tesco taking 26% of the poll, Morrison's 14%, Sainsbury's 8% and Waitrose came last with only 6%.

However, in the quality stakes Waitrose's fortunes reversed with 29% of shoppers placing it above its rivals. Next best was Sainsbury's with 23% of the vote, then Asda with 20%, Tesco with 17% and Morrison's finished bottom with 11%.

When the scores were combined, however, Asda came top with an overall 66% of the vote across both value and quality categories.

"Asda is way in front of its competitors when it comes to value, but it is also catching-up in the quality stakes," said Irina Pafomova, Shopitize's co-founder.

"As even though Waitrose is still predictably in the lead when it comes to quality, the gap between it and Asda is definitely narrowing. Rather surprisingly Tesco is lagging quite a long way behind."

Shopitize research also suggests that more than 70% of UK shoppers are now using smartphones in the supermarket, with comparing prices the most commonly given reason.

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