Sky launches NOW TV on-demand box

26 July 2013

Sky has launched a box that will allow people to stream Sky Sports and Movies channels on-demand, without a standard Sky subscription.

The NOW TV box costs just £9.99 and allows users to purchase movies and sports passes. Sky Movies will cost £8.99 a month for three months (rising to £15 thereafter); while a one-day Sky Sports pass will cost £9.99.

The box will also offer access to the likes of Facebook, Spotify and iPlayer and Demand 5.

The box itself is smaller than a beer mat (with dimensions of 84mm x 84mm x 24mm) and connects to a TV via a provided HDMI cable. Users simply hook this up to a wireless internet connection and they are able to stream content.

Gidon Katz, director of NOW TV, said: "Millions of people are switching on to the convenience and flexibility of on demand TV, choosing when and how they want to watch. Now there's an easy and extremely affordable way to make every TV a 'smart TV'.

"For under a tenner, the NOW TV Box offers the best terrestrial catch-up, plus pay-as-you-go access to must-see sport and the option to enjoy latest blockbuster movies on demand - all on the big screen. It's also easy for anyone to use – simply plug in to your TV, connect to your WiFi and you're away."

Dominic Baliszewski, digital TV expert at, said the box is far cheaper than other alternatives in the market. "However the devil is in the detail and customers need to look at exactly what they will get for their money. The NOW TV box will not allow viewers to record shows, and although they will be able to download apps from the 'Channel Store', the choice here will be determined by Sky.

"Customers who want an all singing, all dancing TV service may be better off opting for a smart TV device that lets them download whatever app they want. Furthermore, if you already have an Playstation, YouView, Xbox or Roku box you wont need the NOW TV box as you will already be able to access Now TV on your TV set."

He also warned that people on broadband deals that have a limited download allowance should be careful as any content viewed through a NOW TV box will count towards your monthly data usage.

"Switch to a broadband deal with truly unlimited data to avoid being stung with excess data charges, which can cost £5 per extra 5GB in some cases (to put this into context, just one 2 hour HD movie can use 3GB of data)," he suggests.

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