Morningstar's 10 most searched-for funds

22 July 2013

Fund data company Morningstar has published a list of the funds most frequently looked for by users of the website in the second quarter of 2013.

Unsurprisingly Japan has proved popular, with Legg Mason Japan Equity - the top-performing fund in its sector and a new entrant to the top 10 - in third place.

But natural resources funds have slipped right down the list as commodity prices have slumped. BlackRock World Mining is at number nine, but JP Morgan Natural Resources, a former regular on the list, does not make a showing.

Holly Cook, managing editor of, makes the point that Morningstar's users look for performance data about funds that they are thinking of selling as well as buying.

'While several of the usual suspects dominate the list of most searched-for funds on in the second quarter, some are notable for their emerging market debt exposure - an asset class that is widely considered to be overvalued at present and has, therefore, had investors running for the doors,' she adds.

That explains the presence of the accumulation share class of the Templeton Global Total Return fund in the top slot. It has top holdings in government debt from countries including Korea, Uruguay, Iceland, Mexico and Romania. The monthly distribution share class, which is popular with income seekers, came in seventh.

The 10 most-searched funds:

  1. Templeton Global Total Return (accumulation)
  2. Aberdeen Emerging Markets
  3. Legg Mason Japan Equity
  4. First State Global Emerging Market Leaders
  5. Invesco Perpetual High Income
  6. Newton Asian Income
  7. Templeton Global Total Return (income)
  8. First State China Growth
  9. BlackRock World Mining
  10. Aberdeen Asia Pacific

How far do searches translate into purchases? Interactive Investor's list of top-selling funds for the first half of the year includes many of the same long-standing emerging market top performers, despite weakness in wider emerging market indices:

  • Legg Mason Japan Equity
  • First State Asia Pacific Leaders
  • Aberdeen Emerging Markets
  • Newton Asian Income
  • First State Global Emerging Market Leaders

Again, though, there's clear evidence that natural resources funds have fallen right out of favour.

This article was written for our sister website Money Observer

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