Drink driving doubles cost of car insurance

8 July 2013

Get caught drink driving and annual car insurance premiums could rise by 121% for a 50-year old driver, increasing from £181 to £399, figures from MoneySupermarket reveal.

How much extra you'll pay varies with age and drivers in their sixties are being hit by average increases of 107%, or £187, seeing premiums increase from £173 to £360 a year.

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Younger drivers between the age of 20 and 25, meanwhile can expect to see a whopping £370 added to their premiums, with cover increasing in price from £705 a year to £1,075 – that's a rise of 53%.
Peter Harrison, car insurance expert at MoneySupermarket, said: "Driving under the influence of alcohol should not be considered under any circumstances, as it not only risks your own safety but that of passengers, other motorists, and pedestrians.
"Taking the risk by drink driving can have dire consequences; it could lead to a hefty points conviction, a fine of up to £5,000, a 12-month driving ban and even a prison sentence. This will not only make it difficult to find an insurance provider willing to offer cover in the future, but as our research has showed, the cost of premiums will increase substantially."
He added: "It is important to remember that each person reacts differently to alcohol consumption as there are many different factors that come in play, such as gender, age, weight, and metabolism. Therefore, trying to second guess if you are under the limit or not is still a risk not worth taking. Reaction times can be considerably slower, and coordination and judgment can become impaired so my advice for those planning on driving is to stick to soft drinks."

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