The most expensive dentists in the UK

4 July 2013

Cambridge is the most expensive place in the UK to have a private dental check up, with an average cost of £68, compared to just £20 in Swindon.

The national average cost is now £39, up 10% compared to the same time last year, according to research conducted by private healthcare search engine

Plymouth and Edinburgh were also among the most expensive places for dentistry, where you can expect to pay a typical £63.

Meanwhile Reading and Stoke on Trent (at £22) and Oxford (at £26) were at the more affordable end of the spectrum.

Although the general cost of living may be lower in Northern England, this doesn't appear to apply to dental care, with Leeds and Newcastle also appearing in the top five most expensive places at £52 and £53 respectively.

Caelen King, chief executive of, said the results highlighted the importance of shopping around, even within cities for the best deals. "These figures highlight the wide variation in prices for something as basic as a check-up, which most of us will have on a fairly regular basis. Even in the same towns and cities, the price of a standard check-up can vary quite a lot between dental clinics," he said.

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According to medical insurer Simplyhealth, cost is a key factor in our decision to visit the dentist. In its 2013 dental survey it revealed that that 28% of us put off going to the dentist because they worry about the cost, while one in 10 haven't had a check up in the last five to 10 years.

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