Nearly one in 10 of us lie on our travel insurance claim

5 June 2013

Nearly one in ten (7%) 18-to-34-year-old holidaymakers admit to inflating their travel insurance claims or making them up completely, a poll by has found.

The research also revealed that this age group is largely disillusioned with travel insurance in general, with more than half of younger people (53%) stating they felt that travel insurers hardly ever paid out for claims. This is despite the fact that less than 7% had ever had a claim rejected. Nearly 60% of the age group also said that travel insurance is too expensive.

Caroline Lloyd, travel insurance spokesperson at, warned: "Whatever way you look at it, faking a travel insurance claim or bumping up the amount of a genuine claim to make it more worthwhile is fraud and if you're caught out you might end up with a criminal record and also find it much harder to get other kinds of insurance in the future.

"This could have serious implications when it comes to getting life insurance for a mortgage or insuring a car. For the sake of a few hundred pounds it's really not worth the risk."

But responding to the perception that claims are too often rejected, she added: "The main reasons why customers have their travel insurance claims turned down are either because they didn't have the appropriate cover in the first place or because they failed to follow their insurer's guidelines at the time of the event."

Lloyd argued that travel insurance is not too expensive, claiming that a 30-year-old holidaymaker can find a worldwide, two-week, single-trip policy with £10 million of medical cover and £1,000 of baggage cover from just £14.25.

"When the alternative could be a medical bill running into thousands of euros or dollars, even for a minor treatment, the peace of mind offered by travel cover is extremely good value for money," she added.

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