Ilford in Essex is top car crime hotspot

3 June 2013

Ilford in Essex has topped a list of car crime hotspots. Motorists in the town were most likely to make a claim on their car insurance for crime over the past 12 months, compared to anywhere else in the UK, according to MoneySupermarket.

Another Essex town, Romford, took second place for those claiming for theft of a vehicle, vandalism to it or theft of contents from it, with West London taking third spot.

Topping the safe list for car crime was the Scottish city of Perth, followed by Shrewsbury and Carlisle, with motorists in these areas least likely to have made a claim on their insurance.

Among the claims recorded, the most common type was theft of vehicle, accounting for 52%, followed by vandalism damage (41%), and theft of contents (7%).

Peter Harrison, car insurance expert at MoneySupermarket, said: "No matter where you live or where you drive, there is always a chance you become a victim of car theft and vandalism, so motorists should take precautions when it comes to security.

"Ideally, try to park in a driveway or garage if you can. This is obviously not always possible, so if you're parking on the street, look for busier roads with a good amount of lighting and more passing traffic.

"If you're parking on the street at home, try to park the car near to your house and again, look for good lighting and think about how the area might look in the dark – thieves could be less likely to target your car if they can be seen by other people, so parking under a streetlight is a good idea."

He also advised motorists to hide any gadgets or bags left in the car and install an alarm or steering wheel lock to act as a deterrent for anyone looking for an easy target.

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The 10 UK postcode areas most likely to claim for car crime:

West London
East London
North London
South West London

The 10 UK postcode areas least likely to claim for car crime:



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