Carlisle has the cheapest petrol in the UK

23 May 2013

Carlisle in Cumbria is now the cheapest place to buy unleaded petrol in the UK, with an average price of 129.7 pence per litre (ppl), according to a survey by Santander. But that still means the average family car, with a 70-litre tank, will cost £90.79 to fill up.

The most expensive place to refuel is Taunton, Somerset, where the average price is 136.9 ppl, or £95.83 for a tank – that's 5.5% more than in Carlisle.

While still a high price to pay for getting your family from A to B, there is some relief for drivers as the survey also found that across the UK as a whole, the price of a tank of unleaded petrol has dropped by as much as £6 over the past two months.

The average cost has decreased by 6.28 ppl since the beginning of March, a fall of 4.5%. Having crunched these figures, Santander estimates motorists driving 1,000 miles a month at an average of 35 miles per gallon spend £172 on petrol every month, almost £10 less than in March.

Figures from motoring organisation the AA also show that UK petrol prices are falling, having come down from 140.03 ppl on 4 March to 133.75 ppl on Monday – a reduction of around 4.5%.


However, figures from HM Revenue & Customs show that UK motorists bought less petrol in April than they did a year earlier. Edmund King, the AA's president puts this down to uncertainty. "Motoring families are denied any warning of impending surges in pump prices and the ability to brace their budgets against the impact. They respond by cutting back on car use," he said.

Alan Mathewson, chief executive of Santander Cards, added: "Prices still remain at a near all-time high so it is important motorists look to make savings where possible, such as car-pooling with colleagues, driving more economically or using public transport."

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