Where to find Dan Brown's Inferno at the cheapest price

13 May 2013

Robert Langdon is back. The hero of Dan Brown's popular novels, The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons and The Lost Symbol, is back in a new adventure – Inferno, out on 14 May.

The book, 480 pages of Langdon scurrying across Europe decoding signs and symbols found in Dante's Inferno, the first part of the 14th Century poet's epic Divine Comedy, is not cheap.

The hardback version has a wallet-busting recommended retail price of £20, though bargain-hunters, not to mention ebook fans, will easily find it cheaper. If you want to be first in line to join Langdon on his latest adventure, read our guide to where you can find Inferno online at the cheapest price.


Amazon is selling the hardback version of Inferno at a discount of 55% – making a sale price of £9. You can also pick up the audio version for £11, a 45% discount on the RRP of £20. If you want it delivered first class, that will rise to £11.75 with the £2.75 (for UK customers) delivery charge; though you can choose free delivery if you don't mind waiting an extra couple of days.

eBook fans will be delighted by the Kindle price – retailing at just £7.20 or 64% off the RRP.

Headline discount: 64%
Speedy delivery: £11.75
Slow delivery: £9
eBook: £7.20


The much-loved high street retailer cannot match Amazon for mail order, with Inferno priced at £10, a 50% discount. But in order to bag that particular bargain in-store, you have to pre-order your copy (paying £2.75 for speedy delivery to your home. Or you can choose second class delivery for free or have it delivered to your nearest Waterstones at no cost).

Waterstones is not currently selling an eBook version.

Headline discount: 50%
Speedy delivery: £12.75
Slow delivery: £10
eBook: n/a


Dan Brown fans can buy Inferno for £9.99, a 50.05% discount off the RRP, but if you want first class delivery the retailer will add a whopping £3.99. As you only get the free “saver delivery” on orders of £15 or more, otherwise it's £2.99. This means the cheapest option is to have it delivered for free to your local store.

Headline discount: 50.05%
Speedy delivery: £13.98
Slow delivery: £12.98
eBook: n/a


The bookshop chain that's been going for well over 100 years is selling Inferno for £14.60 – 27% off the RRP. First class postage adds £4.50, but second class appeared to be free when we went to order online (perhaps there was a promotion as the site states second class is actually £2.50).

Headline discount: 27%
Speedy delivery: £19.10
Slow delivery: £11.04
eBook: n/a


Play is flogging Inferno at a straight price of £11.04 with free delivery – a 44.8% discount off the RRP. However, its free delivery service is not fast – it takes around three to five days to arrive. Without a faster delivery option, some book fans may be disappointed.

Headline discount: 44.8%
Speedy delivery: n/a
Slow delivery: £11.04
eBook: n/a


Apple's eBook store is selling Inferno for £8.99, or a 55.05% discount off the RRP.
However, this is £1.79 more than Amazon's Kindle version.


The Google store is also selling Inferno for £8.99, or a 55.05% discount off the RRP.
Again, this is more than Amazon's Kindle version, though puts it on a par with Apple. But anyone with a Kindle will be saving money with this title.


Amazon offers the biggest online savings for book fans. A headline discount of 64% for the Kindle version easily beats the other eBook sellers, while £9 for the hardback version is a good deal – especially if you can wait a while for free delivery.

But fans of traditional bookshops may well wish to support a high street name – if that's the case, WHSmith and Waterstones offer the best-value for online mail order.

You could always try visiting an actual store too, where there may be even better deals available.

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