Does your location shape your insurance habits?

12 April 2013

Did you know people in the Midlands are least likely to be insured against ID theft? Or that the Northern Irish are most cautious when it comes to travel insurance? Or indeed Londoners are most likely to have mobile phone insurance?

New research breaking down the insurance habits of the British people by region has exposed an array of variations, including the fact that 46% of North East residents have none of the insurance involved in the survey.

The study shows one in five Londoners have mobile phone insurance, more than the national average of 14%, 42% of people in Northern Ireland hold travel insurance against the national average of 27%, and East Anglians are best equipped to deal with a broken tablet with 7% of them holding gadget insurance.

Conducted by Affinion International and the Direct Marketing Association, the study also highlights the difference in consumer habits between men and women.

Women are more likely to take out gadget insurance than men (55% of sample compared to 45%) and are also more likely to hold breakdown cover than men (53% compared to 47%).

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