Rant & Rave service lets you blow off steam about brands

8 March 2013

If you're fed up with sloppy service, lengthy queues for the changing rooms or can't find what you're looking for, now's your chance to rant and rave about it.

For the first time, consumers have been given a direct line to brands – including Marks & Spencer  they can use to give their feedback, good or bad.

You can call or text the Rant & Rave service on 66099 from your mobile for free (texts will normally be included in a pay monthly allowance). Alternatively, you can tweet your comments to @66Rantandrave99.

To find out what other shoppers have to say, you can see a live feed at 66099.co.uk, where some of the high street names under criticism in the last few days include New Look and PC World.

While so far only a few household names have committed to responding to feedback provided from Rant & Rave users, the company insists more big names are about to sign up.

But signed up or not, it will not stop customers rant and raving about them. Figures show Tesco, McDonalds and Transport for London are the top three victims of rants, while Topshop, Apple and McDonalds (again) are the top three brands receiving praise.

BT and Hollister also feature in the top 10 of the rant league table, and Zara and Nandos are in the top 10 of the rave table.

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Get your voice heard

Nigel Shanahan, managing director and founder of Rapide, the company behind Rant & Rave, said: "I was sat in a service station with a cup of awful coffee, twiddling my phone in my hand.  

"I was watching someone push a broom around, not getting any of the rubbish off the floor.  The coffee was expensive, the toilet was filthy and I thought, how on earth does the consumer get their message across to the head of the company that the service is terrible?  How do normal people get their voice heard?  

"And that was when I looked down at my mobile phone and thought – that's it! One telephone number that can take all rants and raves that will be passed onto customer insight teams at shops, hotels, restaurants, train companies – no matter how big or small – people will either be ranting or raving about you!"

He added it will provide invaluable insight for businesses into customers' perceptions oft them.


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