Could a water meter save you money?

8 March 2013

With news that Ofwat, the water regulatory body, will increase the average water bill by 3.5% over the next year - adding roughly £13 a year to every household's bill – it's worth considering whether a water meter could save you money.

A water meter measures the amount of water used and that is what you are charged for, as opposed to being charged a flat rate. And households in England and Wales can have meters fitted for free.

Estimates of how much you could save each year by having one vary but it could be as much as £100.

Whether you save money depends on factors including your usage, how much you currently pay and the number of people living in your property.

Ofwat says those more likely to save with a meter are those living alone or using small amounts of water.

For more details visit the Ofwat website at

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