Tesco and Asda offer HMV voucher refunds

18 January 2013

In the latest twist to the HMV vouchers furore, supermarket giants Tesco and Asda have agreed to exchange any of the music store's unused gift cards or vouchers for a Tesco or Asda one of the same value.

After HMV went into administration earlier this week, administrators Deloitte said gift cards and vouchers would not be honoured, leaving customers with gift cards out in the cold.


The backlash from customers led to an independent record store in Kingston, Banquet Records, announcing they would give any customer with a valid voucher 50% off.

Now, Tesco and Asda have joined the fray, announcing they will exchange any valid HMV gift cards or vouchers for their own vouchers of the same value, as long as you have proof of purchase that you've bought the vouchers from either Asda or Tesco.

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