Scam of the week: beware the credit union lottery scam

11 January 2013

Credit union members are being warned not to respond to scam emails informing them they have won prizes in a national credit union lottery.

Members replying to emails sent out from are likely to be asked to reveal bank details and risk identity fraud and theft.  

While many credit unions run lotteries to raise funds for their credit union, the Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL) is advising all its members that there is no such national lottery.   

ABCUL states that although the lists a number of credit unions on its website, none are associated with any such lottery. It also points out that photographs of alleged lottery winners are actually doctored photos taken from the Connecticut State Lottery website.

Popular targets

ABCUL chief executive Mark Lyonette says: "It is a sad side effect of the increasing popularity of credit unions in Britain that scammers are targeting credit union members.

"I would advise anyone who receives an email saying they have won a prize or requesting any information to contact their credit union and not respond to the email."  

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